Singing is a very personal experience and a challenging instrument to learn. There is no button to push - it is an instrument we must learn through practicing, listening and proper guidance. A great teacher can help you belt out your favorite tune at karaoke, sing harmony at church, or even help you write your own melodies. Let's get started!



8 and up. Each student gets a free first lesson and evaluation with our Director, Katrina. She will let you know what to expect and ensure each student starts at the correct level.

Lesson plan

Teachers with Shining Star help all ages enjoy and understand their voice better. Regardless of your age and experience, you will have a fun, encouraging and educational experience! 

 Our teachers focus on:

1. Vocal Exercises: learning technique and basics and improving any vocal issues

2. Songs: we choose songs the student likes, as well as songs that will challenge them

3. Theory: understanding the underlying architecture of music

4. Reading Music

Performance opportunities

We have seen first-hand how performance and performance preparation motivates and builds confidence in our students. We offer many performance opportunities throughout the year:

1. Spring Recital

2. Fall Recital

3. Retirement Home Performances

4. more to come!

competitions and AUDITIONS

For students who wish to compete and/or audition for local musicals/bands, we offer preparation and guidance, as well as information on how to partake in local events.

Home visits by our director

Our Director, Katrina Degel, visits each student when they begin lessons, and reaches out to each family throughout each semester to ensure all is well. She can come and evaluate any student if that is desired, and ensure they are on track.

equipment needed

We recommend students have access to a keyboard or a piano app in order to warm up and understand their voice better. Sheet music will need to be purchased with each new song, and we will help you with that.

Shining Star Music Academy

voice lesson fees

$35     30 Minutes

$51     45 Minutes

$68     60 Minutes

multiple family member discount

$33     30 Minutes

$48     45 Minutes

$65     60 Minutes

  for each student after the first one

Next Step??

1. Call or email us to schedule a free evaluation and meeting to answer your questions: 866-674-3395


2. Read the policies page and want to get going? 

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Shining Star Music Academy


"Awesome teacher! Makes the lessons suit what I need, makes sure everything is clear, already learned so much my first lesson!"

review by rose

"Awesome teacher! Makes the lessons suit what I need, makes sure everything is clear, already learned so much my first lesson!"

review by carrie w.

"Katrina was patient and encouraging. I was nervous for my first lesson but she put me at ease."

review by suzi

"Katrina was great, and immediately put me at ease. It was a very fun experience."

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Questions? Call or email anytime: 866-674-3395

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